Final Calligram “London 1974” by William Blake

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Well… I did my Calligram ages ago.. but I only had the opportunity to publish it today and also because I made a good photo shoot with it.
Let me start from telling you that I am using on my calligram the LOVER  archetype.
And you are probably asking me, why?
I picked this one because I could use more colours, I could play with reds, pinks, yellows… all of this colours that “transmits” love…
For me this archetype is the one that fits more in my “story”.. because in my book is like William Blake is feeling really sorry, really disappointed, really sad… he is feeling that those things are not supposed to happen.
I tried to keep the same style thought all the pages… My type is a mix of Capital and Small letters… Some letters are bold some letters are normal…
I used my hand writing (all my book is hand-made)… I used my own type because I wanted to be really personal as this poem about London was to William Blake. I did 16(sixteen) pages plus the cover of the book.

Here are some pictures:
I did not use a book made by me… I bought a book and I cut it out the pages that I did not need it for my calligram and I just stick my pages on it…

This is the cover for my calligram:
I tried to stick on the same style.

William Blake

William Blake, born in London in 1757, was one of the greatest poets in the English language…
Blake described his technique as “fresco.”
As I read about him, he was known because of the truth that he always had in his work… the colours, the lines, the way that he was feeling, the emotions… all of this details were present on his art work. That is why I used those colours on my book, because I wanted to give the feeling… the emotion, the disappointed feeling about his own country.
He finished the designs in ink watercolor, making each, rare, impression and unique. Those were the materials that I used as well, black ink and watercolor pencils.
He is an artist that really inspires me… due his loyalty, his way of thinking and the using of materials as well.

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