Photography session- set up for future projects…



I really had so much fun during this session this morning… Once again I picked some work to take photos of.

It is really important the way you present your work, on your blog, on your portfolio, on your website or in any other place that you have your work in. Specially in my area of illustration or graphic design, I have to be really clear and try to present my work in the nicest and professional way possible.
Because I never know who is watching my work and possibly like my work and be interesting on it.

This is a really important and good skill to have!! Being able to set up a camera, light or background and art direct a photo shoot. I must say I was really impressed with myself today and I did a good job.

Here are some pictures that I took today:

IMG_4520IMG_4521IMG_4523IMG_4524This is my final calligram from cs-package and I really liked to photograph it, I choose a white background because my calligram is already really colourful.

On this one I played around with some coloured paper, matching my image, this was one of the portraits I have made. I do like the contrast with the orange and gold.
In one of them I used my own hands to hold the portrait.

IMG_4551This is one of my experimental collages… I used a wall from my studio to take the photo. I like this wall, the color of it and the texture, and because this a collage and the image has already this texture and 3 dimensional look, I found it interesting the wall and the portrait has the same tones and the same color pallet.

IMG_4558IMG_4562IMG_4567IMG_4561This one I will call ” unexpected ” photo shoot…
During the session Elisa (model) was saying that she really looked a lot like my portrait.. and it was really funny that she was wearing clothes in the same colors as my drawing… call it unexpected or “meant to be” but the final result is really nice. I did enjoy this session, in this case I used a model holding my portrait in different ways, her clothes were matching my painting/drawing and I did a “mix” of pictures, playing around with the position of the model and with the zoom. At the end I like the composition that all the pictures formed together.

Next year I am defenitly improving my photos for my blog from my work. That is for sure. 


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