I really liked this session, we had the opportunity to work with one of our tutors that showed us an excellent presentation with many examples of typography made by different and creative ideas… using materials like tooth paste, fabric, meat, finger prints, masking tape…

Then the first task was, to pick a word and try to represent that word through the typeface, you could use any background, any base, but I needed to use masking tape.
My word was ” SLOW ” , I used a wall from my studio that I really think that was interesting because of the color (a brownish) it would give a contrast between the wall and the white masking tape.
I tried to give a really delicate aspect, and also use a “looot” of tape to give this feeling that the word was “long” and slow… te fluid of the word. If I had to do it again I ll probably change the direction of the word in a way that I would write the word in “ITALIC” to give that sensation that te word is “taking time”, is “floating”.

This was my first result:

In the afternoon I trie to finally think about my final slogans.
After a chat with my tutor I decided to do tis three, it was not that easy to pick only three, I had so many ideas but I needed to think about the visual idea as well… how can I present my idea in a visual way.

My final slogans are:

  • ” You don’t always have to fit in.”
  • ” Find what makes you different.”
  • ” Question everything” or ” Be a question mark.”

Now I just have to do more research about it and do a lot of sketches to my final visual ideas and also the best way to represent my idea.

During that afternoon I also did some sketches of the word ” SHARE”, tried to represent the word visually.
Here are my pictures:




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