Project 3 – session 2

We all started the session with discussing our slogans, I had to write at least 12 slogans and from them just picked 3 to work with it.

My ones were really “basic”, I wanted something different, but this was a great exercise and helped me a lot listening to the others, because that automatically gave me more inspiration.

As I said on the blog post before, the main point of this project is to work with typography… it can be through the colors, type, shapes, background, symbols, etc.

I started to do some sketches, because that always help me out, to get inspiration and to finally put some ideas that are already on my head…

Here are some pictures:


These are just experimental work, I am mostly “playing” around with symbols… the only one that is one of the slogans that I am using for one of my placards is,


I really like to play with words and symbols together, and that is because of the size of the placard as well, because it is only A2, it needs to be a short message and easy to read and to understand.

But most important is that it needs to be a “real” message, by this I am trying to say that I need to believe on what I am saying.


This was another exercise, to create your own type.
It is more difficult that I was imagining… there are a lot of details that you do not think about it, only when I was creating my one, specially the first one, I was doing really well until I had to create the letter ” R” , it was so difficult because this letter has a diagonal “leg” and half of it is round… but I try my best to stick with the style that I was drawing.

I need to do some more exercises like this because that will help me a lot to find the best typeface to go well with my work.

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