For this project… I will have to go back to one of my firsts blog posts
“My incomplete MANIFESTO”

Based on this manifesto that I created a few time a go, I will have to create three A 2 size placards with any message or slogan or words that I want to transmit to the world.
I am really excited with this project, because it is a great opportunity for me to explore typography, something that I really like to work with…

The main point of this project from what I understand is exactly the using of typography, it is through the colors, shapes or details that you will see the message… its like… imagine you going on the road and you see a placard… you will get the message straight away through the colours or the type, that is the focus… no images, just type.

First exercise this day was, taking a letter from a bag and with that letter create I bigger scale or smaller or repetitive or colourful, any idea that you wanted to do to create a new letter, a new type.
I remember when I was taking my letter I was thinking “I just hope I don’t get any ’round’ letter… because that would be difficult…”
but as I am so lucky… my first letter was, letter “O”… and then letter “C”… well next time I will beg for any other shape. ahahah

You were free to use any. material… here are some of my examples from this little exercise:

I used markers, ink, water color pencils, charcoal, pastels, and in this last one I used candles… I burned them with a lighter and then stuck the melted wax in the page…
I actually liked the final result, it gave a really cool effect with texture… through the picture you might not see that but in person it is a surprised result.

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