Project 2- Development 2

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I missed one day at University and that day I was at home but I was still doing my work…
I decided that I was working with this track:
Queen “We will Rock you”

Alright so I setup my living room… With my camera on a tripod connected to my laptop… I downloaded the “DragonFrame” app but as long as I was taking photos in this programme when I reached it 50 frames I realised that I had to buy the programme to actually use more than 50 pictures… but these programme is really expensive.. the other way around was to delete every 50 frames and then transport them to an Edit programme.. but I wanted to edit and do all the frames in the same programme.. because for me working in digital is just scary.. so I wanted something simple to work with.

I bought this app for my MacPro on the apple store called ” Stop Motion Studio”, and it is just great… it comes with videos tutorials, really easy to work.. so easy that I actually enjoyed… so basically what I have done that day was just an experimental video with different ways of “writing” or typography… using different materials and textures creating part of the lyrics of the track that I choose.

There are some sreenshots from the prgramme:

My favourite frames are the ones that I use my hands… So i deceided that I wantd to use my own hands to do my final 30 seconds video track.

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