Drawing- practitioners

Well, well, well…
Is that time of the year that everyone goes back to the briefs and finish all the works that are waiting in the desk…
This week I ve been working in different briefs and I started from this one, Drawing.
Let me introduce you to this 2 principal practitioners that I found really interesting and inspiring.
I am this kind of person that when I’m struggling with ideas or inspiration I just jump on my laptop and search for artists… or even on your mobile phone… “instagram” is the best app for me to find other students or other anonymous artists around the world.

Saul Bass is an American graphic designer…
His work is really “simple” and graphic… His style was considered modernist for his time, especially his film sequences he created.
What I really like about his work is the fact that he uses “every day” objects to create his own art… He uses “collages”, hand-made drafts before he works on digital…
It is important to use both techniques, hand-made drafts, drawings, collages and also graphic programmes to help you out with new and different tools that may not be possible to work by hand.
His work is “graphically ” amazing and well done, the “sharp” images… the bright colours… those simple and rough lines… I really like the way that he works with shapes… and doesn’t use to many colours at the same time… keeps it simple and really catches your attention.
Here are some images of is work…

Here is some of my work using some of his work as an inspiration for some of my drawings:


He was a Spanish painter and sculptor…
Pablo-PicassoPicasso, is Picasso… is one of the biggest influence in the Art World… everyone recognizes his pieces of art, his style is unique.
What I like about his work is the “freedom” that he used in every single painting or sculpture…
He is a good example that art does not have to be a beautiful and replica/”copy” of what you see… if it has a meaning… a “message”… or even an emotional” side… that is what is more important… let the image speaks for itself… the colors to express the feelings and also the shapes and rough lines to express what you are seeing it.
I love his work because of the powerful colors that he uses… the geometric shapes… the “imperfect” and distorted pictures that turn them special and unique, full of character.

Here is some of his work:

And just to finish my post… here is a picture with me and the artist Pablo Picasso… at the Madame Tussauds Museum in London.

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