Project 1- TILES and the London Transports Museum

Everytime I talk about tiles I laugh, seriously I spend so much time stuck on “TILES”, because basically the concept of this project was, do research, take pictures and then create a zine with a narrative, something that could tell a story about a place, a person, or a event.
In my case I found out this interesting tiles on Aldgate East station and took pictures of them and I done a massive research about the story behind those tiles, who designed them, why those designs, and why are them in that station.

Let me show you the tiles first…

I took this pictures by myself with my phone thats why sometimes doesnt have the best quality.
Basically the story behind this tiles it’s really simple:
The tiles were designed by Harold Stabler RDI (Royal Designer to Industry, the highest award by the Royal Society of Arts in the field of industrial design).
There are some tiles in relief with various London and London Transport motifs including a reference to the Tube Station to the old HQ back at ‘55’, know by ” Broadway 55″.

I took this pictures from a website that I found online and I am posting it here so you can better understand the story about this building.
Broadway 55′ St. James Park

So when I was thinking about my zine I knew that this wasnt enough and I would need to do more research and start from changing the theme.
“Forget about the tiles!”

But I also went to the London Transports Museum… I went there because after research that I have done on the tiles, a good place to visit was this museum, there I would find more tiles and maybe more stories about it.

After walking around the Museum I still felt that this TILES weren’t enough for my narrative zine… So I decided to change my theme… but I will come back to the tiles one day, we never know…
I’m ending this post with a picture of some tiles that are really similar to Portugal tiles “style” (blue and white tiles)

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