Project 1- Screen Printing

First of all, lets me just tell you a little bit more about the theme that I picked for this project.
After I chat with on my tutors I knew I was on a right “spot”, she actually still remembers about this brutal attack.
This bombing attack happened around London, not only in Aldgate…
But the first explosion was in that station. So I actually forgot about the tiles but never about the station… and that was my started point.
I saw many interviews, many videos on youtube website, many websites that showed me the people who have died that day, the people that were presented but survived, I did a lot of research, because I wanted to my zine to be “special” in a way of being a “memorial” and a tribute to people that went through that moment.
This happened on the 7th of July of 2005, a group of 4 men, went to separate stations and started this attack, they had explosives with them and exploded around 3 stations of London and also in one bus. They had already planed this but this was such a tragedy, London was never the same after this accident.

On the cover of my zine I decided to draw Aldgate East Station
Page 1: it’s a drawing of the map of where the explosions happened;
Page 2: it’s a drawing of a page of a newspaper telling what happened in London that day;
Page 3: it’s a drawing of a person “screaming” and the smoke of the explosions behind him;
Page 4: it’s a drawing of the attackers that I took from a website;
Page 5: its 4 examples of what happened to four of the 52 victims, telling what happened during the day and how it ended up;
Page 6: 12 pictures that I drew of some of the victims;
Last page/ Back of the zine, I decided to write some witnesses from some people who were there at the accident, but had survived.
20170302_140441This was my poster, but after my Crit, we concluded that it would look prettier and more well conceived if I changed the typography of the names. This was just a test that I will definitely change the final one.
I already drew the final one, I will post soon, about all the changes and updates I made on this project.
On this poster I painted a face “crying”, and the tear had a world reflected, I also wrote the 52 names that died that day, and use the right bottom to put the date… I also change that, I put more emphasis on the names and cut it out most of the drawings.


I used screen printing in this project and I am keeping this technique for my final one.
I really like this technique but I must tell you that is a “long” process, it’s better for you if you separate your time in two days for the use of this technique, the first day I used to prepare the screens and the drawings…the next day I went in to actually print.
This final one I used a mix of black ink and red ink, but next time I will use a stencil to “color” a new and second layer, so the colors don’t mixed only in certain parts.

I think my narrative is quite interesting because I am referring to every single aspect of the accurate accident but also because I am giving importance to the people who lost their lives and people that were there had the chance to say something to give their opinion.
Looking forward to do my final zine and also prepare a nice box or any other pocket for my zine.

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