Project 1- Final Research

After all of this tiles and this stories around the tiles, I seat down in the library, my favourite spot to do any research and I knew that I already had something on my mind about a story that happened around Aldgate.
Basically at the beginning of this project I had already a story on my head but I never went back to it, because I wanted to do something different something that could “run away” from the themes that everyone were talking about, something unique.
But because I was stuck and I had to start and finish my project I just went back to my initial idea.

My dad moved to England in 2005, and I still remember like it was yesterday that he was in London, when this horrible and unexpected  bombing attack happened, I am talking about the 7/7 of 2005.
I decided that morning that this was the theme for my narrative zine.
Now I wanted to create my own typography, se I went out to have a look around and take some pictures from different typography that I found interesting.
I also did some sketches of images and what could I include on my zine.
For me its more difficult to have “plenty” of time to think because I will struggle, I will think and over think instead of making a move, action!
So I can tell that in one morning I figured it out my theme, decided what format I was going to use, what text or what messages and what images I wanted to put on my zine, what materials and techniques I wanted to use and also that in my zine I was going to have a poster at the back.
Next post will be about the “final” project 1.

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