Project 1 (development)

Once again, I needed to walk around and take a few more pictures.
And I actually found some interesting details.
I had an idea of looking again to the contrast between the “old and new”… but this time I focused on the “objects” in the middle of the road.
To better understand my point of view, I will post some pictures showing that contrast that I mentioned before.


 It is funny but at the same time interesting to see that in a few metres of space you would find 3 completely different “litter”… In my opinion this is the correct form, the oldest to the newest bin container.

 I liked the way that in the first picture the “Parking” sign is really traditional, hand painted, and the other one is more “modern” in digital writing.

This are sculptures that I found out in the middle of the road in Shoreditch in different walls. I did love the contrast between them, it actually visual communicates what I was talking about before, the “old” and “new”, the “dirty” and “clean”. This was a good example.

This are some pictures of tiles… I really have a big “connection” with tiles, because in Portugal, where I came from is full of tiles. It is part of our culture, so if you go to Portugal you will definitely see tiles everywhere… the traditional ones are the white and blue. I found this an interesting start of point of research… see why and what can I do about tiles… transforming that in a little narrative zine.

My next post is going to be totally dedicated to this tiles research and also, some really interesting tiles that I found on one of the stations.

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