For this project, I started from walking around the area, took some photographs of the buildings, of the roads, of people, of everything that I would find interesting for my research…
This project was mainly based on research… not only from second resources like internet, books or watching videos or interviews but also from primary resources, by taking photos, going to talk with people that live in the area and try to find interesting stories.

There are some pictures that I took during this day.


What I first noticed in Aldgate, was the fact that there are such a big contrast between the old buildings with the new ones.
I liked when I was walking around and I could actually see for myself some buildings that are half new and half old… It gives to this area a really characteristic look, a really interesting “effect”, you would see every kind of buildings all together on the same landscape… for me it looks like I am in the middle of a “maquette” for a video because everything around is so contrastively different but it really works together as a “beautiful” composition, thats what it mainly does to this part of the city being so special and unique.

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