Photography- dark room (induction)

This was an excellent opportunity to develop our skills in photography…
I really liked the fact that I was able to work with a “old” digital camera…
I rarely use my camera, because normally I walk around with my phone and I just take photos with it.
The first step was, going out with the cameras, taking some pictures around Aldgate area…
Then, we came back to the room, to the dark room, took our film roll from the camera, put it into the black container.
After that, we have to go with our container to another room, to start to develop our pictures… and that process starts from putting some different “waters” inside the container, shake it them a few times and let them “rest” for a few minutes.
To end… we put the film roll in a “special” water, and then put it on the dryer.

This was a really good experience.. I might use this for one of my projects…
I like the idea of taking my own pictures and have the chance to develop them myself.
In my next post I will show you my final photos… already developed.




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