For my fanzine, I did not wanted to do too simple.. I like colour, and because I have been thinking too much about what to do or not to do, I just did it!

So after my screen printing session, I collected all my prints that I have done during this core workshop, and I just realised I did not have a fully perfect image of each printing…

So my idea was simple such as…

What if I use the “good” parts of each little print? and do some collages? and try to build a whole image with different parts of each print?

I started with just using two colours… but to be honest I found it really “boring”, I wanted something that could communicate with you, something that could catch your attention!
So I actually used more than just one little bit of each print.

To better understand my idea, here is some photos of the final result!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I mainly learnt in this little project/ workshop is, that at this stage I do not have that much time to think about what should I do or not do on my final piece, so I just did it.
And surprise, surprise, it is one of my favourite pieces.
I really like the contrast of the colours… the texture that the papers mixed together give it to it.
And because this was a group fanzine with drawings of each person of my group, having those little parts from different papers, give us the idea of “collaboration”, “group”, that was the main message that I wanted to transmit.
That this was a group fanzine, each one with their image and their own story.

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