Photography (session 1)

The first session of photography was really “soft”.
In the morning, we had our lovely teacher Heather which presented us the new brief for this workshop…
We basically have to create a character from a story that we made up from a little game.
In the afternoon we worked with the cameras, we learnt how to set up the photography studio, with the lights and the black background…

This was a good lesson for me because I never had photography before, so it was really helpful.
Now if I have a photoshoot, I know how to set up the bachground, how to setup the camera with all of those numbers and specific names which is still difficult for me to pronounce (sorry, but English is not my first language), and also how to setup and locate the lights.
There are so many different ways to take pictures, you can take while you are moving, in slowmotion, take 30 pictures in one shoot, it is incredible the different ways that a camera can take pictures, you just have to select the rights settings, to work in the way that you want to.

My next post would be about the dark room session.

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