#Sketchmeet- House of Illustration (first time)

wp-image-253235973jpg.jpgwp-image-1250580131jpg.jpgFor the very first time I went with my friend from university, Agnieszka Fraczak, to this sketch meeting.

I found it really interesting, a great experience.
Being surrounded with lots of people, illustrators, students, people that do not even study arts and just came for fun!
We were welcomed and saluted by Michael Czerwinski, they gave us at the entrance a free ticket for free bear, a bottle designed by Sir Quentin Blake.

The meeting started like always with some themes!

“winter warmer”
“cold turkey/hot turkey”

this was my interpretation.

“what a cracker!”

Made by me.

“perfect Christmas present”

My perfect Present for this Christmas.

After all, we had to do a collaboration… each person in the room had to create a character from Christmas, then pass your sheet to the person next to you so that person could continue the story.

My character is a start. On the second page I started to develop my story.
This was how my story ended up. I found this idea so cool!! Imagine, everyone see things in a different perspective, everyone have a different imagination. And that is what a collaboration is about.
Another example, where I collaborate on the bottom left side of the page.
I participated in this story, I have done the final part.

I will go to the next Sketch meeting, I really enjoyed this experience, for the sharing of ideas and knowledge.
If you are interesting in participate as well, I will leave the link here, pay attention to the events. 

House of Illustration__ What’s on?

For this sketch meeting we had the opportunity to use some Winsor Newton markers and sketchbooks from the same brand.




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