Paula Scher- my thoughts

Paula Scher is an American graphic designer and painter.


What was the first thing you ever designed?
As a kid, I didn’t know what design was. I wanted to be an artist. I drew and painted a lot, and designed publicity posters for my high school, for proms and stuff. I don’t have any copies of that stuff. But it was my claim to fame in high school, probably my greatest success. I consider the first thing I fully designed a children’s book I wrote called The Brownstone. It’s about to be reprinted by Princeton Architectural Press, illustrated by Stan Mack.

taken from:

I took this little bit from the interview, because this really reminds me of me… I used to paint a lot when I was a kid… even nowadays I still paint, I’ve done Fine Art for the past 6 years, and since I was a little girl I always said that I wanted to be an artist.

What I like more about her work, are the posters, the colours on it, the layout, she is not afraid of playing with the text around, she mixes the colours, which for a graphic poster it is difficult to combine more than two or three colours.

She also mentioned in that interview that her biggest challenge was “To not repeat” her work. Nowadays this Industry is so competitive that this is more than a challenge.

Here is some of Paula Scher‘s work:

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