Letterpress- Open Day


New students came to the open day

Welcome to the Letterpress room!”
Today me and some of my colleagues helped our tutor Kim, on the open day…
New people/students came in to visit some of our workshops rooms.
I loved the first experience that I had in this workshop, but today I enjoyed even more, just the simple fact of being there, not in a rush, doing as many prints as I want it, gave me a better idea of it.

We made some prints with some sentences created by  Kim:


We used wood letters and black ink. We let the new students print the sentence below: “Letterpress Printing at the Cass” in this little machine so they could have an experience for the first time, how to work with letters instead of being in front to a computer and pick the font.


While I was there I had the idea of doing it again my “Fanzine” cover from Critical Design Thinking project… I only have done the ampersand symbol… but I really liked the result… what I like about it is the texture that I made with the ink. I did not use any of the Print machine but I used the Ampersand mad by wood as a stamp, roll the ink on the letter and ten press the letter on the colour sheet of paper.

Here is some pictures from today’s session:

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