Making a Living (day 2)

This day we had really important talks about crowdfunding, how to create your own business, how to manage your business, how to create your CV…
We had Emma Tatcher and Simon Boot.
This was such a important talk specially for level 6, because they are going to finish them courses in this Summer, and they need to be prepare for the next step of their lives.

I will leave here some useful links to help you out if you are looking for help or to get an idea of where to start or what to do in your future.



Some advices:

  1. Love your idea
  2. Know your product
  3. Convince other people
  4. Create a Pitch
  5. Be prepared
  6. Do your sums
  7. Set your target
  8. Format a video
  9. Turn it public
  10. Promote, Promote, PROMOTE!!

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