Intern* (Making a Living)

Alec Dudson is the founder of this magazine called “Intern.
He started to tell us a little bit of his story, how did he get to the magazine idea.
He travelled, he went to Milan for two months, and then came back to London for seven months, where he worked for different magazines, “Domus” in Milan and “Boat magazine” in London.

When he arrived to London he was at the bar and had this idea, ” What if I start my own magazine?” ” If I did, what would it be about?”

He had two quotes that for me are essential when you start your own business:


Some of his advices were:

No matter what your skills are, what level you have or grades… you have VALUE!
You can decide how the conversation evolves.
Be confident!
Believe in yourself!

Here is a link to know more about it, have a look:
Intern Magazine

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