Handsome Frank* (Making a Living)

Handsome Frank is an Illustration Agency but not only for illustrators… it includes typographers, painters, images makers.


First I am going to tell you a “secret” about the Agency’s name… Handsome Frank? Who is Frank?? Frank is Jon’s grandfather. This “communication industry” was already related with them family background.

This agency worked through the years with recognised names as, Jean Jullien, Malika Favre, Helen Musselwhite.
If you are asking to yourself, what does an illustrator agent does? I’ll tell you, he promote the artist. He arranges portfolio meetings, prepare exhibitions, and uses social media to help you to get followers and meet important people to appreciate your work.

The first picture is one of the windows from the ALDO campaign by Malika Favre.
And the second picture is the famous Frank.

There is some links about the works and the names that I mentioned before:
Handsome Frank
Jean Jullien
Malika Favre
Helen Musselwhite

At the end of the meeting Jon gave us some advices:

  • Have a consistent style and technique across your portfolio;
  • It is fine to have a sub technique but have more than one or two examples;
  • You need to have a really varied subject matters;
  • Always think in a commercial way
  • Do or select mini series of your work, it will help you to have more opportunity and to show variety;
  • Self promote, be realistic;
  • Think of yourself as a brand;
  • Have a nice logo;
  • Attend some portfolios meetings;
  • Put some attention on what do you want to be;
  • And finally tone your voice.

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