Chris Walker* (Making a Living)

Chris Walker is an Illustrator, he does commercial works, works in a publishing team, and he also does some design works.


Him and his colleague Matt, decided to create a different illustration, with a different concept, an “ALPHABET OF MURDER”, it is made of cartoons that they both created, but is not suitable for children. But in my opinion is just a smart idea, because it is different from what you normally see and also because it is really rare the existence of cartoon books for adults, it is such an original idea.
A curiosity about it,  is the typography/Font used on this book, is from Matt’s daughter, nicknamed as “Momo “, she is only 7 years old and her hand writing is part of the book, which in my opinion turns the book much more familiar and value.


They had a fundamental tool in their journey, they started their project with “a hand of” “KICKSTARTER”, which is an exclusive community, that can be personal and fun, it helps you to start and bring a creative project to your life.

There is some links with their projects:
Lets Play Murder- video

Interview: Chris and Matt- Lets Play Murder- project


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