Camille Walala- my reflection about it

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Camille Walala, is a graphic designer , she was born in France but she is currently living in London.
Her inspiration is the South Africa art.

What I love about her work are the colours, the patterns, the way that she applies her art work in random buildings, no matter the shapes or the textures.
I am doing some art work, and I will definitely do something inspired on her work
If you look at her work, the first impression is the power of the colours.
I am a big fan of the use of bright colours… it is something that really reflects on my work… I feel that she is like me in a way that, she is not afraid of using colours, even if the building or the objects that she is applying on are a the simplest and discrete.. she just go for it.
I really like the fact that she not only uses her style in buildings or architecture work, but also in random objects, such as bracelets, house decoration (pillows), beauty purpose (nails/art), etc.

Arts in general are like just like that! You don’t have to be afraid to take the risk, to be different.

Some of her work:



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