Will Hudson* (Making a Living) 

Will Hudson is a graphic designer, him and his friend Alex Bec started to work together and created a Group, called HudsonBec

Before that, they were focused in their personal projects which was it: ” If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?” and “Go everywhere do everything” , projects and fanzine.

It was really helpful having his advices, to help us to understand better this world, this industry, which nowadays is so competitive.

Will, mainly said, that we need to listen what people have to say, it is important to pay attention at all of the workshops that we eventually will do, because that will help us to build our future.

Will and Alex started to work in another project together which was the IT’S NICE THAT , alongside with commercial work, online projects, fanzines, etc.

They made a video called “People in order” which  I found really curious. Saw this group of people with different ages, from 1 to 100 … the brilliant concept, the message in between the lines, I noticed how “active” the video started with all this kids shouting their age out loud and  playing the drummer, and along the ages, the video was not that active but it was still really attachable and kind of “sweet”, people felt engaged and emotional.

Will showed us so many other projects which I am not talking individually about it. I will leave the links below… so you can have a look for them fantastic works and projects.

He showed us the
  6 RULES OF SUCCESS by Arnold Schwarzenegger

But he also gave his personal advices or I will call it key words:

 1- LUCKY (people that you meet, what you live)

2- CONSISTENCY  (do not leave for tomorrow what you can still do today)

3- PERSPIRATION  (work hard)


5- STAY INTERESTED (be open to develop your skills)

This was Will, an amazing and inspiring artist.

Have a look on his social pages and you will see how well he done with his own advices.

Some links: 

@Will Hudson_ instagram

@ITS NICE THAT_ instagram

@ Anyways_creative_instagram

@ Lecture in Progress_ instagram

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