Drawing- session 2 

Today I quite enjoyed the lesson, it reminded me of my old college lessons of Fine Art! I love to draw, and it is incredible how much you learn everytime that you are drawing… it is amazing! Thats why I choose this area to work in my future… because I will never get tired of it, it always going to have a new technique a new way to draw, new things to draw… ” I just cant get enough!!”

Anyway… we have done 2× A1 drawings, one with black charcoal and the other one with black ink. These were drawings taken by our little sketchbook.

One has to be from the museum of childhood and the other one a natural form…

I picked this doll because is kind of creepy and scary and also mistirious… and because I normally don’t draw stuff like this I found it interesting.

In this one I drew a baby in a jar… but I found it funny because the baby was supposed to be naked but it kind of looks like she is wearing a t-shirt… maybe I’ll do it again…

To finish this session, we all have done a collaboration piece… which I really enjoyed it as well, because its a group task where everyone gets envolve in the same work. Its good to appreciate all the different styles and learn more about it… get inspired of it…

Some pictures of the process:

This was my part of the collaboration:

And the rest of the people of my class:

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