” WOooow “… This was my reaction when I finally started to see the importance of this subject…

In the dictionary if you look for Typography word it will tell you that: typography is the art or produce of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.

But for me typography is more than that… it is incredible the multiple details that you can find in only one letter… it is the for example how complicated is to draw a ampersand, did you know that some letters have got details such as: ascender, descender, baseline, crossbar, etc etc. ??

This was all what I found in a little research about it:

I had the opportunity to use some incredible old printing machine and material from Letterpress technique.
What is Letterpress?

It is a printing technique where you can produce many copies, using a printing press which you can do many copies as you like. You will need paper, a roll, ink and your surface of “letters” to put the ink on and then do your print in the press machine.

There is some photos to help you to understand all of this process:

After this I just done the exactly same process but using wood letters.

This was the result… I might need to do some more because I did not like the aspect of this one.

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