Back to the Calligram.

After my Letterpress session I was quite inspired. I decided to do some sketches for my calligram… I only did 6 sentences… but to be honest the two first ones I do not like them, I think their are a bit confused, to much letters and text going around… I just realised when I was drawing that the less I put in there, the simplest it looks and the better you will understand/ read.

Theres is my first 6 drawings which I will change and post it here so you can see the development.

 1- ” I wander thro each charter’d street” 

2- ” Near where the charter’d Thames flow. “

3- ” And mark in every face I meet”

4- ” Marks of weakness, marks os woe. “

5- ” In every cry of every Man”

6- ” In every infants cry of fear, “

Now I am doing more sketches for the rest of the poem, but I will also do it again the first and second sentence from the poem.

I will post it here when its done.

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