Review week 

Today, we had 3 people from level 6 showing us them works from the last years, showing us the sketchbooks, and also their blogs… 

It is incredible to see the progress and the improvement from each year.Their work looks so much professional after 2 years. 

They were all really helpful, specially when for us this is all new in our lifes, we are at the beginning of this year and it is still confusing.

They clarified all of our questions and that is really important for us, having them support, once that they have been in our position already.

There is some pictures of today: 

What it is amazing about this sketchbooks and of what I saw today, is the fact that they reflected on me… they described my feelings about, for example the sketchbook, all of those questions if we need to fill all the pages, decorating, does everything needs to go on the sketchbook ?

We also done our first group discussion which was really interesting.

In this picture is Godi talking about Caleb’ s work… it is important to present your work but it is also important to let someone to present your work… it will help you to take some notes for yourself and also to see what other people think about your work.

To conclude, I just  want to say thank you to the students from level 6, Maria Klimko, Silvia Liano Velasco and John Sinha, for them support today at the studio and to make us feel confortable and take our doubts away! 

Check it out them instagrams:

Maria Klimko

John Sinha

Silvia Liano

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