🍃🍃Geffrye Museum🍃🍃

Today I went to the Geffrye Museum, this is such a beautiful and inspiring place!

I went there to see some of the rooms see the evolution from the rooms ( living rooms) from the 1600 to the present. It is amazing to see this big collection of different furniture, textiles, paintings and objects.

I was curious about the big sign at the entrance made in wood saying ” H O M E ” … I thought to myself… “Why is this here? I just don’t understand… Is this a message?” 

Well…after walking  around and see all of this rooms, taking so many pictures of it, I went outside and decided to see the gardens…

What a good idea!! I just loved that atmosphere, all of those little secret places and corners… I felt like I was at home, it was a little bit of mysterious, I felt that that place was full of stories and I will definitely go there again!

Like I said before… ” I felt like I was at home” in that moment I immediately understood the meaning of that sign!! Because you actually feel welcome there, “safe”, even the actually building is a house.

I am posting here the link of the Museum in case that you are curious as well:

Geffrye Museum

Some pictures that I took today and my friend Aga took to me as well:


I found another curious display in there today:

This is a good example of how a room can look like now, I took a selfie here, I still… need to post on Instagram with the #teenagebedrooms tag on!

To conclude this post I just want to tell you that this is a good  experience, go with  your friends and take some amazing pictures inside and outside the building, explore those  amazing gardens, or just go on your own to relax take a book with you, enjoy a good time there in the cafe or in the garden… check them website and see how is all of this about.

I will do another post about the rooms, furniture and objects from 1600 to present.

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