“Thinking it… saying it. ” – fanzine

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We had the task of producing a A5 fanzine… And what is a fanzine?

A fanzine is basically a magazine but it is produced by amateurs or people that do not even have any experience in the area.

And you ask… ” But what is a fanzine about? ”

A fanzine is a way to communicate and  entertain a group of a certain performer , fans, or just public in general…

And that is why I produce my own…

With my principal message that I referred before:


There is some pictures of my final outcome:

With this fanzine I just want to tell the world that you should be you no matter what… Everyone is different and  that it is what this world is about… being you being different… share the difference!!
If everyone thoughts were the same it would not exist the word ” culture “, it were not exist different countries, languages, personality… which all of this is fundamental to live!! I hope I passed my message in a best way of understanding the purpose and the value of it!

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