Critique – Crit Etiquette 

In every work, project or any other task that you are currently working/ doing it, it is fundamental to do a review or a critique about it… and you ask: why?

It is important to receive any feedback… even from your peers or teachers… because once again we are all different… we all have a word to say… an opinion… a point of view, that might be similar or completely different from your own.

Lets see:

When you start a project and you are kind of “confused ” or actually just a little bit lost with all of this new briefs, to much stuff going on. It is really important to receive a feedback from someone that can actually help you to ” break the ice” to ” unstuck ” you from where you have been.

If you are in a middle of the project it is really relevant to get some feedback once again, because it will help  you to improve from the stage that you are already, see how everything is going on so far, getting some different ideas  could help you to have a new ideas that can be added into your work.

Also, when you finished your project it is really important to  receive that feedback too… Because once you finished your project and you represented you always goint to found out what could you have done better, what could you have changed, what could you improved.

Critique is not just point you out your weakness or what went wrong/ negative in  your work.

You can also receive an excellent and positive feedback. And that perhaps can help you too… because it will give more confidence more positive mind it will make you more confortable and strong.

To conclude this post I just wanted to tell you:

” Bellieve in yourself, be confident to speak it out what ever you want to say and be prepared! Prepare your answers for when you be confronted and prepare ro receive any feedback, which it could be good or bad!”

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