CDT “Thinking it… Saying it.” 

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After the mind map I tried to focus on the ” big message “, on what I wanted to tell to people…

That is why I circled on my mind map what I wanted to say… 


And you are probably thinking… why?

Well… I was just thinking how incredible is the fact that everyone is different, the world is BIG, we are free

WAIT a minute… are we free? We should be free… but is that acceptable? Can I be ME? And you be YOU? And do not have anyone looking at me with eyes that I am doing something that is not normal… but what is normal for them? It is normal for me? What is being normal at the end?

Exactly… there are so many questions like this… you just started to think and make your own questionnaire…

I started to think mainly about the world nowadays… how kids are growing o fast… how I was when I was their age…

How the world are full of patterns andrulesthat people just need to follow tobe part of the thing“, to integrate the society…

  And that is why I chose Ethics as my principal message… I just found fascinated the way that time changes aan so are we…

I have done some sketches to pass my message in a nest way possible.

There are some pictures of the development work…

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