Critical Design Thinking (part 1) 

First lets talk  about Critical Design Thinking 

It is really important to always “critique” your work… it will help you to improve and to develop better your ideas, see what parts do you need to change or think again. If you constantly evaluate your work in that way you will surely get yourself more confident and more prepared for this artistic industry!

It is also important to know that Design Philosophy is a constant in this area..  and in general…

They are: Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics and Politics. (I will explain one by one below.) 

  1. Aesthetic: it can be about the ” beauty” of the product or also about the “ugly” of the product. It will always the way you SEE!
  2. Epistemology: this is about of ” to understand the understanding “… understand the knowledge… We are all different, we all have got different facts, different ideas, different experience that we SHARE… but at the end, the knowledge is really subject.
  3. Ethics: Once again because we are all different we have got different ethics and ways to see the world, so each person decides what is right or what is wrong… based on what?? in your morality, family, culture, professional life, experience life, in what is important or you!
  4. Logic: you just need to think: ” Does it make sense? ” it can be about  who are you going to work for… who/ what you see… at the end it just have to make as the word already says… logic… sense…
  5. Metaphysics: in a simple way to say this ” it is the structure of the Universe “. It id the way that we know that some objects or some things belong together. We are born and we can not find an explanation for it… why is a certain object for a determined function? Who said that? It was already known and made like that.
  6. Politics: This one “we can not escape!!” why? Because even if you do not know about it or if you don not care about it, you will always face it or be link to it.

One important quote that you should always considered is:

☆《Always think who you want to work to or who you do NOT want to work to.》 ☆

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