My illustrative alphabet…

During this lesson of Adobe Illustrator, our teacher asked us to draw some illustrative letters… He picked some rows in a class and asked it for different letters, each one with a different theme.

In my row I was asked to produce the letters B, F, H, T and Y with ” TRANSPORTS ” as a theme. 

I tried to do all of them but some of them did not go that well… For example letter B, I tried to do at the first time a air balloon but it did not result the way I was expecting… And that is why is really important to do preview sketches before you start anything… because sometimes what you are thinking does not go that well when you actually making…

With the others letters I kind of like it the result… but once again… it did not go the way that I was thinking.

Finally my favourite letter was the letter “T”… I do not know if is because it looks “clean” it looks really a “scooter” but with this one I made it in a simple shape and maybe is that the reason… 

  • Maybe you just need to simplify… because if you keep adding unnecessary lines and details it can turn your drawing not understandable and really confused. 


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