Mark making…it is all about an intervention, doing a ” mark “, make a mark in a surface.

How to communicate? 

Drawing is the best ” tool ” of thinking. You can communicate through our work, through any tool or surface… If you think… any material can be useful to draw, for example your finger can be a ” tool “, a bit of coffee, charcoal… anything really can be use as a tool. Instead of using tools to draw, you can as well ” take away ” the material, simplify! ” Cutting out ” some paper,simplify some lines, take the forms, shapes, notes and only draw the main lines, for example.

I will divide this post in two parts!

Part 1 ( reductive lines ) 

In this one I will explain you and show you some development work. This technique it is based in simplification, reducing the ” amount “. Instead of adding lines, colours, tone, shades, forma, etc…

You reduce!!  It is the simplest way to communicate… you use as less lines as possible, until you get the form or the tone that you are looking form.

In this case I will show some examples that i done in this session with charcoal… which is a good tool to use in this case because you can use the rubber o take away the charcoal or only use the rubber to actually draw your portrait.

Check it out some of those examples:

Part 2 ( cutting out/ collage )

This technique is based on ” cutting out ” any of the surfaces that you are working on… for example you can form a portrait on any other image by cutting out the main lines… or the main shapes and that will help you to form the image that you are looking for.

I will show some examples so you can understand better what am I saying… In my case I used my colleague Claire as my model for this portrait I draw her in her profile… First I cutt some paper off to make her portrait but on the second one I add some collages on her… I only did that because I really like to add some color on my works I think that helps you to ” describe ” and have a better connection with a person that you are representing.

There are some examples of that exercise:

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