Mark Making ( part 1 – monoprinting )

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Mark Making is a fundamental “tool” in this industry because it is all about the “visual communication” it is what you see, what some ” image ” can show you, transmit to you.

In this first session we started to think about ” portraits “.

What is a portrait for you? Is it really necessary to be a realistic picture of you? Think a litlle bit about it…

In my opinion and the conclusion that me and my colleagues in a class went through is the fact that a PORTRAIT is not just a ” face” an ” image” of someone… you can actually describe someone by  words… by colors… by emotions… by feelings… by expressions… etc.

So we started to do some monoprints which I had already done before, but you are always learning and I admit that I definitely learnt a lot in this session, some new techniques.

First let me explain you what Monoprinting means:

As you see I always keep everything on my sketchbook… I even write everything by hand… as I mentioned before it helps me to understand and to keep all of this information in my head!

(I think that people that don’t speak English as a first language which is  my case, always have this habit to annotate a lot and write everything down to help you later)

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