” London” by William Blake ( analysis ) 


For this CS- Package brief… I was asked to create a calligram inspired/ based in the poem ” London ” by William Blake.

First I will explain to you what a calligram is…

A calligram is a poem, phrase or a word in which the typeface, calligraphy or handwriting is arranged in a way that creates a visual image.

The image created by the words expresses/ shows what the word or words, say.

In a case of being a poem… it manifests visually the theme presented by the text of the poem.

I will show you some examples:

Now I will show you my first analysis from what I read about the poem so far… I always write a lot it is a fact. I think that that helps me to put my ideas together and to understand better the meaning of some words.

I took a photo from my sketchbook showing my first analysis of the poem.

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