“First Interview”- Case- Study


We called it “First Interview”, as we believe that is going to be more interviews in the future…at least… we hope so!

The person I interviewed was, Agnieszka Fraczak, more known as, Aga.

Aga is my colleague at University, I met her in the first session of Adobe Illustrator.

She is from Poland but she lives in England for more than 10 years now…she came to this country to study, work and learn English because she always fascinated with the idea of learning a new language.

She always wanted to study arts…but in her country she does not have the option to do A levels in this area. So the past few years she has been doing different short courses, workshops and independently studies to develop her skills in arts.

She does more acrylic, markers or coloured pencils drawings based in cartoons with an adult humour.

She said: ” I always tried to ‘sneak in’ a bit of satire and humour to my drawings…I also love to draw women and represnt them as a strong, individual human being. I like to create my own cartoons and characters.”

Her future goals are, mainly to complete this BA Illustration course, try to work as a freelance and at the same time keep studying and improving her skills in Arts.

She said: ” I take things day by day and at the moment, I just want to be able to learn as much as I can… in order to catch up the knowledge that I missed out because I never studied Arts before.”

More about Aga:

check out her blog 🙂


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