“My incomplete MANIFESTO” 

After a long research about all of this different design manifestos, I found one that really identifies with my personality and my way to see the world.

What really inspires me it is the fact that this manifesto, as the title says, it is “incomplete” which always gives you the chance to add and increase the list, it also says “for growth”, that is for me the main point of all of this, because you will improve and definitely change your opinion in the future.
If you look back a few years ago or even some days, weeks or months ago in your life you were thinking in a way that you probably do not think in that way now or today… and that is what “growth” means.
In terms of knowledge, experiences, living your life in a certain way that will always change because everyday is a new day, everyday you will have a new experience which can influence or not on you.
So, for me this is the manifeso that makes more sense and it might be incomplete but complete at the same time, because it is open to a new “rule” always.

The list of “an incomplete Manifesto” by Bruce Mau in the link below:
“An incomplete Manifesto” by Bruce Mau

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