Hackney Down Studios

On 6th of October of 2016 we all went to the Hackney Down Studios, it is an open space with a lot of different studios.
It was incredible to see, for example this massive room with thirty-eight different studios, sharing the space, with them: culture, style and knowledge.
I felt there an amazing atmosphere, really inspiring, a great community feel and that is what ART is about, about sharing culture, experience, stories and history. I could imagine myself there one day.
In this other studio we found Edd and Anthony, best friends, working together for 8 years.They are in that studio since April of this year, they found it in that room a really calm atmosphere and a comfortable zone.
One of us asked them if it was complicated or difficult to work with a friend in terms of discuss about the work, if it influences him because at the end they are best friends and Anthony said “We don’t do the same task so…it is easy in that way… and also when we are here we have to be here!” That means even if they are friends they will never been less professional.
This is how I conclude from this experience, when I was there I felt such a good vibe, creative and artistic view but at the same time a professional and serious business.

Find more information on:Hackney Down Studios
Colophon FoundryAnthony Sheret & Edd Harrington

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